Wrong Chris Martin Followed On Social Media After Coldplay Gig Making This Random Guy An Overnight Celebrity

In what appears to be the most extreme case of mistaken identity in history, a man became an overnight Twitter celebrity after being mistaken for Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin.

Sharing a name with a famous celebrity can often be interesting and a little annoying – just ask the other Justin Bieber from Jacksonville or the other Kate Middleton from Brisbane.

After Coldplay’s concert in Mumbai at the Global Citizen Festival, British comedian Chris Martin (not in Coldplay) gained over a thousand followers on Twitter in less than 24 hours. The fact that he has a verified Twitter account may have played a hand in confusing the Coldplay fans.

Image Source: Manchester Daily News
Image Source: Manchester Daily News

The comedian even had to change his Twitter biography, which now reads “NOT IN COLDPLAY. Currently HUGE in India. Above average height for a British man.” Even better is his profile picture, which is now a picture of himself holding a sign that says “Not in Coldplay.”

When the follower count hit a thousand, Martin decided to try and milk some of the opportunity sent his way by asking them to get him a ticket to the next cricket test match between India and England, even going so far as to Tweet at Sachin Tendulkar.

This isn’t the first case of mistaken identity when it comes to a celebrity. For example, the aforementioned Justin Bieber of Jacksonville gets calls all night from fans who think they’re calling the pop idol, and was kicked off of Facebook for having a “fake name,” never mind that it was his real one.

When it comes to this case, though, Chris Martin (not in Coldplay) got lucky.