OMG! Understanding Your Kid’s Secret Text Messages

Think you’re hip to your kid’s text speak? Chances are, you aren’t. Really. And kids like KPC (Keeping Parents Clueless). The innocent LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and OMG (Oh, My God!) of years past are now used in mainstream, so teens have moved onto a more sophisticated way of communicating—and shutting parents out of their private world.

They’ve come up with more phrases and numbers to imply sexual innuendoes, drugs references, and secret codes. Here are just a few that will make you shudder:

Get Naked On Camera

See You For Sex

Get Your Pants Off

I Want Sex Now

Quick to Cum

Nude Club

So, how can you be sure your teen isn’t sending (or receiving!) text messages like these? You can’t, unless you can decode the messages being sent and received from your teen’s phone. Here’s a list of 50 Internet Acronyms for you to check out.

Netlingo also keeps a handy dictionary of Chat Acronyms and Text Message Shorthand you can refer to. Bookmark it!

Growing up too Fast
The technology that exists today wasn’t available 20 years ago. On one hand, children are growing up learning to use technology to better their education and strengthen their brain power. Unfortunately, most kids today can also surpass their parents on computers, cell phones, and iPads. This gives them a certain level of control they really shouldn’t have in their possession.

Regaining the Upper Hand
No one’s asking you to memorize anything. But having some sort of guide like listed above will help you flag suspicious messages on your child’s phone or when they IM their friends—or strangers. The great thing about privacy—children eventually obtain it. When they become smart adults, like you.