The Most WTF Google Search Suggestions of All Time

There’s a reason Google’s so successful — what other search engine has the same uncanny ability to seemingly read your mind? No matter what you’re looking for, Google probably has a thousand-something results that are just what you’re looking for. Even more convenient is when they help you find it with those helpful autofill suggestions.

But we didn’t know Google search suggestions could get this specific. These, the most WTF Google search suggestions, are some of the strangest sentences we’ve ever read on the internet — and that’s saying something.

After all, how common can some of these issues be? How many people have dead Pakistanis on their couch? Or how many are frequently disturbed by banana-throwing raptors?

Whatever the story behind these bizarres suggestions, they’re undoubtedly good for a few belly laughs. So scroll through the above slideshow and enjoy.