WWE’s John Cena Proposes To Nikki Bella At Wrestlemania 33

John Cena pops the question (WWE/Twitter)

WWE icon John Cena asked Nikki Bella to be his tag-team partner for life at Wrestlemania 33, proposing in the middle of the ring after winning their match.

In one of the most memorable Wrestlemania moments ever witnessesd, the Leader of the Cenation proposed in front of over 70,000 fans following the couple’s victory in their mixed tagteam fued match with married couple Miz and Maryse.

After proving nothing can break them in the ring, John offered Nikki another challenge of a lifetime – becoming his wife – to which she said a definate yes.

John Cena and Nikki Bella
John and Bella in the ring (Twitter/BellaTwins)

Before going down on one knee the wrestling legend lovingly recalled telling Bella when she was “loopy” before surgery on a herniated disc he had told her he was going to marry her one day.

“This is what you wanted over a year ago,” he told his girlfriend of five years.

“You broke your neck and did everything you could to come back because you wanted a WrestleMania moment. I’m so very proud of you.”

He continued: “You were kinda glassy, in and out. At the last moment, I said, ‘Can you hear me?’ You said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘I only have one question.’ You said, ‘What is it?’ ”

“Do you know one day I’m going to marry you? And you said, ‘Yes.’

Before taking out the ring, he added: “I just need you to say yes one more time.”

Presenting her with the rock, he said he had been waiting “so long to ask,” before finally asking “will you marry me?”

Nikki, who has dated John since 2012, looked overwhelmed as he popped the question and, unsurprisingly, the emotional star said yes!

Who knew wrestlers could be so romantic?