‘XBox Romance’ Runaway Teens Found Safe

The four missing Iowa teens who ran away after meeting via the game system Xbox have been found safe in Illinois, according to Eastern Iowa authorities. They were discovered in an abandoned house located 360 miles away from their homes, arrested, and charged with trespassing.

It was reported on Monday that 16-year-old Corey Sunderman and 13-year-old Austin Boggs left home in a Jeep Grand Cherokee they stole from Sunderman’s father. This was early Saturday morning. The boys then connected with their girlfriends, 15-year-olds Skie Floyd and Jazlyn Visek, on Saturday afternoon, and the group had been missing ever since.

“I hysterically started crying, just overwhelmed with joy,” said Judy Hamilton, the mother Jazlyn Visek, when she found out her daughter was safe. “All floods of emotions. Overjoyed, relief, you name it. I couldn’t believe it.”

When the families got word, they were informed that the teens were being held at the Woodford County Correctional Facility. The four youths would have to spend the night in jail before facing a judge on trespassing charges.

This was Visek’s first serious boyfriend. “He gave her a lot of attention she’s never got from any guys,” Hamilton said. “[Visek] had been planning for a couple weeks at least, and I had no idea. I’ve learned a valuable lesson on media devices and what you allow your children to do on Xbox or Facebook. I admit I was pretty free with Jazlyn and I trusted her, and I think I gave her too much freedom.”

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