Little Boy Born Without Eyes & Nose Gets Miracle Surgery

Meet Yahya Jabaly, a three-year-old boy from Morocco who suffered from extreme deformities since birth. His parents have hidden him from their village all his life, but now he is getting a shot to live normally thanks to a stranger’s act of kindness.

The bone between Yahya’s forehead and brain never developed. While he was not expected to live past birth, he shocked doctors by living an otherwise healthy life. Professor Tony Holmes performed the life changing surgery on Yahya, and told a news source about his thoughts as to why this little boy was born this way. “We don’t know what causes it. It’s sporadic, it’s not genetic and most kids would not survive pregnancy. But some do,” Holmes said.

About a year ago a family friend took to social media after many doctors refused to perform surgery on Yahya. It wasn’t until the Facebook post reached Australia that Fatima Bakara saw it and realized she needed to do something.

She found a hospital in Melbourne which agreed to do the serious surgery and brought the family to her country. The three-year-old underwent a successful surgery that took almost 20 hours.

While he will eventually need to go through more surgeries on his nose and eyes, Yahya is happy, smiling and is starting to live a normal life just like everyone else.