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Yes, There’s a Real Reason for that Bit at the End of Your Chopsticks

Everyone deals with chopsticks from time to time. Whether you’re a huge Chinese food junkie or a major sushi lover, you’ve wrestled with these wooden sticks. And unless you’re dining in a really upscale restaurant that serves food with chopsticks not meant to be discarded, you’ve seen the tab at the end of your chopsticks. You’ve probably split that baby in two, in fact. Most of us — the best of us — have committed this faux pas.

Now, you’re about to have your mind blown with the fact that no, the tab at the end of your chopsticks is not meant to keep your chopsticks together until you eat. It’s not just laziness in the manufacturing process either. You’re not supposed to break the chopsticks tab in half. What you’re supposed to do is best said in the image below.

Yes, you break off the tab, place it on the table and rest your chopsticks on top while you’re swigging sake or beer. This way, the table and your chopsticks stay clean.

Who woulda thunk it, right?

Now, if  you’re still chopsticks-challenged and want to learn how to actually get food into your mouth using them, watch the video below:

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