You Can Now Buy a Lock of Kurt Cobain’s Hair — Seriously

Just this week all things Nirvana went on auction. Mainly, the items consisted of memorabilia from Nirvanna’s MTV Unplugged performance. But there was one thing that stood apart from the rest of items: a lock of Cobain’s hair.

According to the auction listing, this bit of hair was left over from when Courtney Love had a doll commissioned long ago for the couple’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Yes, she had a doll made with Cobain’s actual hair. As far as we know, it was not a voodoo doll, but who really knows.

The doll, which still has Cobain’s hair, and is in the possession of his daughter, was made by Dame Darcy. Darcy and Love were friends, and Darcy even taught Love how to craft dolls, which can be seen in the video below.

If you want to see what the hair looks like before you drop some serious money on it, here you go: