You Won’t Believe What This Artist Created This Brick With

Bricks are usually made of clay and shale, some of the most abundant materials on earth. However, Chinese artist (nicknamed) Brother Nut create a brick with something different.

Walking around the Chinese capital for 100 days with a vacuum cleaner, he sucked up particles in the air to raise awareness of the severe pollution in China.


His idea was sparked after constantly hearing about the reports of the horrible air quality in Beijing. Since nothing was being done, in his anger, he started the 100-day vacuum plan.

He made the brick in a factory and plans to put it into a construction site in Beijing. In his introduction, he wrote, “The more we pursue and dig for resources, the more dust we will produce. When all the world’s resources are exhausted one day, we will end up with becoming real dust.”

The warning levels of air pollution are divided into four colors: blue, yellow, orange and red being the most hazardous. The Chinese government has issued an orange alert for the first time this year.

AQI levels should be less than 50 on a day with clear blue skies. Today, China’s AQI levels are exceeding 600.


Although Brother Nut knows his brick won’t solve the problem of pollution, he wanted to make a public point that something needs to be done as soon as possible.

By placing his brick into a construction site, he says he wants it to represent “the brick disappear[ing] into the concrete jungle, just like putting a drop of water in the ocean.”