WATCH: These Young Boys Refuse to Hit a Girl for All the Right Reasons

An Italian news organization asked a group of young boys to slap a girl to see what kind or response they would get.

The 3-minute-long clip, titled ‘Dalle uno schiaffo’ which means ‘From a Slap’ in Italian, is part of a social experiment to see if today’s youth are able to question and make their own decisions about how to treat women. The results are encouraging to say the least.

Giving reasons such as “Girls shouldn’t be hit, “I don’t believe in violence” and “because I’m a man,” these kids show that it’s wholly possibly to one day eliminate the global prevalence of violence against women – which according to the World Health Organization affects 35% of women worldwide who have experienced intimate partner violence and non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.

While a lot of work needs to be done to make lasting change, we have to say, what we see in this video is a pretty good place to start.