Young Girl Demands to Speak to Her Rapist Kidnapper in Court

In March of 2013 a 10-year-old little girl was kidnapped from her bed at knife point. Nearly 12 hours later she was found near a Starbucks coffee shop after being raped multiple times by the man who took her, Tobias Dustin Summers.According to ABC, in April of 2013, officials found Summers in a Mexican village posing to be someone else.

Now 13-years-old the victim has faced her rapist kidnapper in court to testify so her assaulter could never hurt anyone else. In order to protect the minor her name has not been released but her words have impacted the judge so much so that Summers has now been sentenced to life in prison.

“It was not right, and no one should ever have to go through that, ever,” she said. “So I hope he goes away forever and even after that so he can never get out,” the young girl said in court. It was her bravery to say statements like that along with evidence that had her rapist kidnapper charged with 32 different felony counts and put behind bars.