Young Girls’ Dance Team Performs Nazi-Themed Routine at Competition (Video)

Donned in red armbands, with swastikas on display, a group of girls ages 10 through 16 took to the stage at a dance competition in Mexico. The girls were participating in a cheer-dance competition in Guadalajara at the end of May, but the video their Nazi-themed routine has only recently gone viral.

The controversial routine—which featured the girls marching in costumes resembling German military uniforms, the sound of war drums, and even one girl holding a Nazi salute to the crowd—caused an instant uproar, with people questioning the judgement and taste of the choreographer and the girls themselves.

Many think the girls may not be aware of the inappropriate nature of the Nazi theme. Most viewers seem to blame event organizers for allowing the performance, and the team’s choreographer for creating it in the first place.

The team has not been identified for safety concerns—an overwhelming number of comments on the video social media sites have been hostile and aggressive.

Event organizer Enrique Casas told news outlets that the teams were entirely in control of artistic choices for their routines. It’s not clear if themes had to be submitted for approval prior to competition time.

Casas said that moving forward, organizers will consider a stricter set of standards “to avoid hurting people’s feelings” next time.

The team was one of the 192 groups that competed at the event.

You can watch the clip of the controversial routine in the video above.