You’ve Been Cutting Bell Peppers Wrong Your Entire Life

We love kitchen hacks because they make life easier, better, and way more convenient. However, every now and then we’re introduced to one that makes us feel simultaneously grateful for being exposed to it and ridiculously silly for not having thought of it ourselves.

The video above is of that ilk. It involves cutting bell peppers, which seems simple enough, but if you’ve ever tried it you know those seeds can get everywhere. Usually we’re good about keeping them out of the recipe, but some invariably slip in. Or, even more annoying, we lose control of the situation and find them scattering in strange corners of the floor or behind countertop appliances days later.

Turns out, there is a way of cutting bell peppers that handles all that. This method removes all the seeds and cleans out the inside of the fruit (yes, it is a fruit) in just one simple cut, once the top and bottom are removed.

Check it out for yourself above.

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