You’ve Been Opening Champagne Wrong This Whole Time

Those who still believe you have to pop the cork to open a bottle of bubbly are about to have their minds blown—because you’ve been doing it wrong for years. Sure— popping bottles is glamorous in music videos, and the overflowing fountain of champagne that follows it is a dramatic visual, but there is a better way.

People typically assume that you use the thumb to press up on the cork—but not only can this send dangerous projectile into someone’s eye, but it’s messy and wasteful. This video from PureWow shows that you don’t have to send corks flying, or clean up the spilled drink.

By gently wiggling the cork back-and-forth, it will slowly work itself up and out. There is no overflow of champagne and—if you do it right—nothing will get broken by flying cork.

Watch the video above to see this trick in action, and you’ll be perfectly prepared for your next celebration.