Zac Efron Does Photo Shoot with Animals – Random Much?

Yeah… so… um… here’s what we know.

Black Book is a pretty cool magazine with some great writers who actually produce smart content. They also have beautiful photography and score good names for interviews. But then you see something like their interview with Zac Effron and you’re suddenly mixing a WTF? with an OMFG! and then finding yourself ROFLOL!

Black Book cover with Zac EffronThe Joshua David Stein article is entitled, “Zac Efron Doesn’t Want to be Your Teenage Crush Anymore” and it features the young star in a photo shoot with a bunch of wild animals that don’t really have anything to do with the article, the headline, or the fashions Effron is wearing. At least not as far as we can tell. They’re cool, they’re just kind of… random.

The article is definitely worth reading. Stein — who we kind of think has a “Zac Attack” crush on Effron, given all the times he talks about how beautiful the boy is — tracks the young actor’s career, his lackluster success once he moved away from being a standard Disney star, and how that career could be turning around. Effron even talks about his group masturbation scene (kind of) on The Paperboy set, and we see the interesting juxtaposition between his growing maturity and his boyish excitement for being alongside the wild animals.

No, we don’t think that was the point of the photo shoot, just a lucky break for the writer.

So with that in mind, here are some of the images. To read the article and see the rest, visit Black Book.

Zac Effron new photo with snake

Is that a snake in your hand, Mr. Effron, or are you just wearing loafers with no socks?

Zac Effron with a fox from Black Book photo

He may not want to be your teenage crush any longer, but he’s still a fox.

Zac Effron new photos with Hawk

We’ve been trying to think of something to say about the graceful hand gesture and poetic look, but all we can come up with is “Kaw! Kaw!”