This Isn’t Just a Picture of a Man… Not When You Look Closely

Artists can create some amazing, beautiful, and thought-provoking works. While none of us at FTK are experts in the field, we do feel that when those creations hide a secret of some kind, one that is discovered upon closer inspection, they seem just a little more special.

That was the case when we discovered this “portrait” from Ukrainian artist Zenyk Palahniuk. According to his YouTube page, he spent 200 hours (more than 8 days) crafted this image using a pencil, hammer, 13 thousand nails, and 78,740.2 feet (24 kilometers) of thread. The whole process was captured by Vova Zagranovsky, and put into a fast-paced video you see above.

Palahniuk’s video made a big splash when the video was posted in April. We did some digging and have no idea why the video is named “For Justin Timberlake.” Maybe he made it for the singer — who can say?

Palahniuk’s Facebook page says he currently lives in Dallas, Texas. If you know him, ask him for us, would you?