ZAGG – The Must-Have Keyboard for Your iPad

I’m typing this article using my iPad and a ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ keyboard. This is significant for two major reasons:

1. I enjoyed having an iPad but didn’t find it particularly useful for work. Sure, it’s awesome for checking out sites, reading books or comics, storing recipes, reading emails and playing with a bunch of apps. But when it comes to work, I need a keyboard. I type too quickly to use the screen-based keyboard on an iPad, which often leads to mishaps with Apple’s auto-correct function, such as sending an email to my boss that should have said, “See you in a sec…” but instead got corrected to “See you in a sex…” It’s a little embarrassing, needless to say.

(Lesson on slowing down when sending emails — learned, thank you very much.)

2. My iPad was a birthday gift from my husband, given so that I wouldn’t need to lug the laptop everywhere we went. It made great sense, but other than using it to show presentations it wasn’t practical for my work life, so he felt like it was a wasted gift. This nailed my old-school Catholic guilt (it’s still creeps up at times) so I wanted to find a way to make the iPad more useful.

Enter the folks from ZAGG, who sent us their PROfolio+ keyboard for review.

Honestly? I love it.

Within 30 seconds I’d connected my iPad to the keyboard’s Bluetooth signal, which was so easy I almost thought I hadn’t done it right the first time. The iPad solidly slides into the top portion of the black plastic case with ease, so there’s no struggle, and no worry that it might accidentally slip out or crack. When open the folio props the iPad up so it’s easy to view, keeping glare and neck strain to a minimum. It’s also thin, adding only another 1/4 inch to the width — thinner than the cloth-covered notebook case I’d used to carry my iPad before. It’s also lightweight, and slips easily into a bag.

That said, the folio doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. When closed, the case completely encloses the iPad and feels sturdy, much more so than the cloth notebook I’d used. The keyboard itself has a nice feel, just enough resistance to feel solid on the fingers, but quiet enough that you won’t disturb anyone nearby. It offers 7 light options under the keys for typing in dimmer places, plus numerous shortcut keys along the top so that you can cut, paste, play videos, adjust volume, and even pull up the on-screen keyboard if you like.

But what I love most is that this keyboard gives you the best of both worlds: the convenience of keyboard typing, along with Apple’s touch screen functionality. Everything feels much more efficient when working.

There are only two small downsides that I’ve found after my two months of using the device. The first involves the screen lock button, located on the top right of the keyboard; I sometimes accidentally click it when hitting the “delete” key. Perhaps that’s bad design, or I have fat fingers, or I need to slow down when typing — take your pick. The ZAGG also has a really small USB charging cord, which forces me to leave the folio right next to my computer when charging. However, since getting the keyboard I’ve only needed to charge it once, so it’s a rare inconvenience.

Overall, the best part of trying out the ZAGG is that it’s made my iPad more useful, letting me use it for both work and fun. And that’s definitely going to make my summer travels a lot lighter all around.

Sent from my iPad. (It’s true, too.)