‘Zombie Cat’ Claws Its Way Out of His Grave Days After Being Buried

If you ever doubted that cats have multiple lives, this story may just make you a believer.

A Florida feline recently shocked its owner and everyone else after clawing its way out of a grave multiple days after being buried.

Ellis Hutson, 52, told ABC News he found his cat, Bart, in the middle of the road a few weeks ago, after it seemed to have been hit by a car. Hutson believed the cat was dead after seeing it unresponsive in a pool of his blood.

Heartbroken, Hutson asked his neighbor to bury the cat, as he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“We were so close, I couldn’t stand to bury him,” Hutson explained. “I put him on the shoulder of the road and went and got David. He dug a hole and covered up the cat with dirt. I witnessed him bury the cat.”

But a few days after the feline had been laid to rest, he was seen in another neighbor’s yard, all scraggly and disheveled. Apparently, he had dug himself out of the ground and made his way out.

“I open the door and my neighbor’s standing there with the cat in her hand,” Hutson told reporters.”She said, ‘Bart is not dead.’ I said, ‘That’s impossible. We buried Bart.'”

He added: “I was so shocked.”

The cat was rushed to the hospital shortly after his discovery and treated for injuries which included severe head trauma, a broken jaw and a dead eye. He is expected to make a full recovery, according to the Veterinarians at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, although he is predicted to lose one of his eyes.