Why the ‘Zoo of Death’ Needs to Be Shut Down

WARNING: This story contains disturbing photos of animal cruelty.

The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia is infamous for its mistreatment of its animals. The nightmarish zoo is tellingly nicknamed the “Zoo of Death.”

HelloU reports that the zoo, Indonesia’s largest, charges only $1.00 for admission, but the animals on display are notoriously lacking in the basic care necessary to survive. An estimated 25 animals die a month at Surabaya from improper care.

The extreme photos below illustrate the horrid nutrition and living conditions the animals there are subjected to. Don’t scroll any further if you have a weak stomach.






Many of these animals are so emaciated, particularly the carnivores, their bodies are no longer able to absorb nutrition as they should. Many animals starve to death. Kilwon the giraffe, pictured above, died with a 40 pound wad of plastic in his stomach.

Animals that don’t starve to death are often euthanized for health issues. Once the animals die, zoo workers are rumored to sell their most valuable parts of them to the illegal wildlife trade.

There’s a PETA petition to end the cruelty of the Surabaya Zoo. You can view more photos of the cruelty at HelloU.